In order to promote the active citizenship of young people and to give them the opportunity to experience life in a different environment, develop their understanding of other cultures, and work on the understanding of the notion to be a European citizen, we wish to send 20 young volunteers to the project in Guatemala, where they would be helping with different activities including social, cultural, practical and intercultural tasks.

The project is targeted at young people, coming from different social and cultural backgrounds, with educational, financial, family or other difficulties. The EVS, especially carried out in a country outside of Europe, will be a great opportunity for them to change their life in a positive direction, raise their self-esteem and develop their skills and competences.

20 young people from 4 different countries of Europe (EE-FR-CZ-LU) will spend two months voluntary service in Latin America. This will be a great intercultural challenge for all the volunteers as well as the staff of the sending and hosting organisations.

This large-scale project will promote also in the local communities involved the intercultural tolerance and dialogue and will fight against discrimination, racism and xenophobia. As Guatemala and the whole Latin America has strong cultural links to Europe determined by the historical evolution, the project will also promote co-operation and friendship among the people of both regions.

The project will develop solidarity and promote active citizenship among young people. Twenty young people from Europe, although facing difficult situations in their daily life, will come for two months to Guatemala, a developing country, to help the local community. They will undertake different tasks in the hosting organisation, be in contact with the local community in Guatemala and be useful for them. The volunteers will feel that their work is appreciated and helps somebody and this will raise their self-esteem as well as strengthen their active citizenship. It will be also great tool to promote participation of young people in solving problems of the local community as the young volunteers will work for the sake of the local community as well as propose their own personal projects during their EVS.

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